5 More Podcasts To Listen To While Working

Author: Jocelyn Serone  

Podcasts are an amazing resource for learning, while you are earning a living

A little while back, I wrote a blog post, raving about some of the podcasts I listen to while I work. I sew for a living & podcasts are an excellent way to absorb information, without spending the time to read a book (I do love reading- I just find I don’t have time to read anything other than the newspaper & that’s usually yesterday’s paper!).

With the podcast industry growing daily, there are so many interesting podcasts coming out every single day. I am constantly bookmarking podcasts, so much so that the list in my podcasts folder takes up the whole page & requires scrolling down to reach the end! (See picture above)

I find that my tastes change from week to week. Some weeks I decide I want to binge on money or artistic podcasts, other weeks I catch up on one of each of my favourite podcasts.

Here are another 5 podcasts that are on constant rotation in my workplace, at the moment……


The M.O.N.E.Y. Podcast- as an Australian, I do find that I have to filter out some of the advice, such as anything to do with 401Ks & LLCs etc., but this is a show that really explains money matters in plain English. It has inspired me recently (& then my husband) to change how I was operating my business & personal accounts & also sowed some seeds about saving tiny amounts each week ($2- $5) that you don’t even notice. Everyone can budget those amounts, right?


So Money with Farnoosh Torabi- ok, so there is a theme here, I’m binging on the money podcasts at the moment! Farnoosh Torabi is an incredibly smart woman, who makes money & investing sounds easy & achievable. Again, as an Australian, some of the advice doesn’t apply, but there is plenty here that still does.


Dear Sugar Radio- this podcast is presented by Cheryl Strayed (author of “Wild”, which was turned into the movie of the same name, starring Reese Witherspoon) & Steve Almond, also an accomplished author. The format is answering questions from listeners, regarding relationships, troubled childhoods & every other topic you can think of. Both speak so fluently & poetically, that I couldn’t care what they are talking about- I’ll just listen to their tones! Seriously though, the topics & their compassionate answers are worth listening to, even if it makes your life seem a little less dramatic & chaotic. There is always somebody who is going through a worse time than you! Free therapy!


Smart Creative Art (formerly Smart Creative Women) - this is a podcast that I’ve just started listening to. With a tagline of “nourishment for the creative soul”, who wouldn’t be interested? Although I’m not totally sure yet if I like Monica Lee’s interviewing style (she interrupts & talks over her guests quite a lot), the guests she brings on & the interesting conversations that follow are worth listening to. Oh & did I mention that Monica is a fashion illustrator, just back from the London Fashion Show? That’s interesting to me, in its self!


Small Business Big Marketing- this Australian podcast is really interesting. I have learnt how Video Ezy & Saasu were born & heard interviews from the founder of Jayco caravans & the Australian voice of Siri & of Tom Tom GPS systems. Oh, and who could forget the interview with Warwick Capper?


I hope you have a look at some of these podcasts- it’s a great way to learn new skills & expand your knowledge, all while earning a living!

Please let me know in the comments below of any new podcasts you have found- my list could be longer!


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5 March 2018
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