5 Podcasts To Listen To While Working

Author: Jocelyn Serone  

5 of my favourite podcasts to listen to while working

As a sewer, I used to always listen to music while working. And then, I found podcasts……….

My world opened up. I learned about copywriting, passive income, male quilters & the slow making movement. I’ve learnt about the history of widows wearing black, how to make your business run smoother & restoring a Porsche. All while earning a living- that’s a pretty cheap education!

Here’s a list of 5 of my favourites. Some are just fun to listen too, some are very actionable & some are very industry specific.


Business Podcasts

Smart Passive Income- who doesn’t like Pat Flynn? His podcasts are a great length for working by, as they are about an hour (no need to get up & change the podcast, as with shorter versions).There are lots of how-to podcasts here from copywriting to passive income streams to starting an online business.

The Mark Bouris Show- an Aussie business podcast, which has explained to me in plain English exactly what interest rates, share prices & all ordinaries actually mean! I originally thought this would be too heavy with financial info, but I’ve found myself with my nose in the financial section of the newspaper more than once & actually understanding it! This podcast does come with some swearing but I don’t mind this- it’s all part of Bouris” no bull**** approach.


Creative Business Podcasts

Create & Thrive- another Australian podcast, this time by Jess Van Den, who runs a handmade jewellery business. These are podcasts specifically for arts/crafts/makers with topics such as pricing your goods, promoting your handmade products & selling on Etsy. Jess is easy to listen too. My only complaint is at approximately 20 mins, I would like the podcasts longer (I have to get up 3 times in an hour to change the podcast!)


Profit Power Pursuit- Having been a fan of Tara Gentile for a while now, listening to her new collaboration with Creative Live was a no brainer. Tara has great interviews with photographers, audio engineers & many other creatives, telling their stories & the journey to where they are now.


Sewing Podcasts


Seamwork Radio – ok, this one is totally indulgent of me. It is my absolute favourite at the moment- so much so that I wait for the next episode with anticipation! The episode is narrated like a story, much more than an interview & is lovely to listen to, regardless of its content. But… its content is sewing! Sewing & the way it has changed people’s lives from home sewers to designers to makers.


I hope this post has inspired you to seek out some podcasts that will interest you. I’m sure you could find a podcast in every niche if you searched hard enough.

I’ll add to this list of podcasts in a future blog post- I have plenty more bookmarked!


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