Sewing Services


If you are a designer needing your own range manufactured, using your fabrics & designs, then maybe we can help.......

We start our sewing service process with a sampling/pricing stage, where we sew 4 of each garment/bag/stuffed toy etc. for pricing.

At this stage, we ask you to send fabric, cardboard patterns, tags & all components needed for your sample garments/items.
Also, sending a previous sample of the style you are having manufactured would be helpful too.
We will, in most cases, supply thread.

We then sew 4 of each style you require sampled e.g. 4 x t-shirt, 4 x long skirt, 4 x clutch purse, 4 x tote bag etc.
The price you are given at this stage is the price you will be charged in a production run, regardless of quantity. We do not charge an inflated sampling price.
Please send all components together, as no orders are started until we have all components needed.

Please note that we cannot give you a verbal or written quote, before this sampling stage- we will need to complete this sampling process for pricing. Please do not ask for a quote or even a ball park figure- our "no" may offend you :)

Turnaround Times
Turnaround times are usually 3-4 weeks for sampling & 6 weeks for production runs. This time frame is, of course, dependent on our work load at the time, so please allow a little time into your schedule- just to be sure!
Of course, we often finish orders ahead of deadlines & send them out early- we would rather give you a worst case scenario & surprise you with our service!
Please respect these time frames- it can be really frustrating when we are providing our best service & a customer contacts us to “touch base” regarding their order after a week :)

Minimum Quantities
Minimum orders are only 4 of each size i.e. 4 x size 8 t-shirt, 4 x size 10 t-shirt. These 4 garments may be in different colours.


When your order is completed, we will email your invoice, with a payment link to pay by Visa & MasterCard debit & credit cards. Alternatively, your invoice will have direct deposit details, if you wish to pay through your banking portal.

Most orders are shipped via Australia Post, Fastway, Australian Air Express & TNT couriers.

If you have any more questions regarding contract sewing, please don't hesitate to ring us 0407 568 359 or email us.