Women Who Inspire Me in Business

Author: Jocelyn Serone  

Women that motivate me to do more.......

Over the past few years, I have been noticing women who really inspire me, both personally & in business. Some of these women leave me in awe of how they live their lives. These women have changed how I look at my hand made business forever. Here is a list of some of these inspiring women…..


  1. Michele Cushatt- Michele is always makes my think that my life really isn’t that bad, when things go wrong. When her already blended family of 3 boys were all about to leave home, Michele & her husband were told of 3 young children (twin 4 year olds & a 5 year old) that needed a family. These children made them a family of 8 & this all on top of Michele recovering from a battle with cancer. She has since had recurring cancer treatments, the last battle resulting in part of her tongue being removed. Can you imagine being a public speaker & having to learn to speak again? Michele’s gratitude for life & all the good things in it always put things in perspective for me.


  1.  Abby Glassenberg- in recent years, I have seriously culled the number of newsletters that I am subscribed to & Abby’s is one of the few that are left. Being a sewer of clothes, my business sits in a peculiar position between fashion & the craft areas of sewing like quilting & patchwork. Abby’s newsletter is always full of useful links to interesting podcasts (I love podcasts!) & any news pertinent to the sewing/craft world. She also has a great podcast herself, interviewing a huge range of interesting guests. I particularly admire Abby when she has in the past spoken out about issues that affect makers such as in support of Etsy sellers when Etsy was made public & the importance of charging what your art/craft is worth..


  1. Natalie Chanin- Natalie is the founder of Alabama Chanin, a business rooted in the slow design movement. The basis of her business is hand sewn clothing (she has recently launched a machine sewn range as well), made from organic cotton jersey. These garments are sewn by hand by artisans in their own homes, who choose what hours & what garments they wish to sew. Natalie’s business is no waste, classic designs that can be handed down throughout generations- the total opposite to the fast world of fashion manufacturing. Natalie has inspired me in my business, by proving that there is always a market for quality clothing & that the usual manufacturing rules & techniques changed be broken, to fit in with your principles.


  1. Tara Gentile- the main thing I admire about Tara is she is so darn intelligent! Every podcast, every Creative Live course & interview with her is full of inspiration, with her usual push to urge makers & artisans to charge what they are worth & not to compete with others. She encourages makers to start treating their businesses as businesses & not the hobbies they started out as.


I hope these women inspire you in your business & life- they definitely inspire me!

Please let me know in the comments below of any women who inspire you- I would love to know!


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