A quick lesson in Australian fashion history

A quick lesson in Australian fashion history

Today, we're diving into one of my favourite topics- the history of Australian clothing 😃 On a hot day, I do sometimes think back to what it was like for the European settlers, who were wearing suits and petticoats. And I am very thankful I was born in a different era! Yep, definitely a shorts and singlet girl here 🤣I can't even imagine wearing a neckline that high in summer 🥵

The history of Australian clothing obviously begins thousands of years ago with the rich traditions of Indigenous Australians. Indigenous clothing was not only practical but deeply tied to cultural and spiritual beliefs. Traditional garments such as the kangaroo skin cloak and possum skin cloak were not only warm and weather-resistant but also told stories and held significant cultural meanings.

With the arrival of European settlers in the late 18th century, Australian clothing began to evolve. British colonial influence brought with it styles of the time, including Victorian-era fashion. However, the harsh Australian climate necessitated adaptations, leading to lighter fabrics and more relaxed styles (such as ditching the afore mentioned petticoats!) suited to the hot, arid conditions. It turns out, Australia's climate was a lot different than England's🤦‍♀️
As Australia developed its own identity in the 20th century, so too did its fashion scene. The post-war era of the 60's and 70's saw the emergence of Australian designers such as Carla Zampatti (did you know she designed the interior of the 1985 Ford Laser?) and Prue Acton, who gained international recognition for their unique styles blending European influences with a distinct Aussie flair.

Australia's renowned beach culture has had a profound impact on its clothing trends. From board shorts 🩳 to thongs🩴, beachwear has become synonymous with Australian fashion. Casual, comfortable clothing suitable for the laid-back lifestyle is a hallmark of Australian style.

In recent years, Australian fashion has gained international acclaim, with designers like Zimmermann and Dion Lee showcasing their collections on runways around the world. Australian labels are celebrated for their innovation, sustainability efforts, and unique perspective on style.

While modern Australian fashion continues to evolve, there's a growing appreciation for preserving traditional Indigenous techniques and designs. Initiatives aimed at supporting Indigenous artisans and incorporating traditional craftsmanship into contemporary fashion are gaining momentum. There is also a trend of incorporating our very many multicultural influences, which I absolutely love (hello Indian silks and Japanese fabrics 🩷💕)



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