About Lahay

Lahay (pronounced Lar-hay) is a combination of my children's names, Michaela & Hadyn. Well, technically, I should have named my business Lahad, but Lahay sounded so much nicer!
The first iteration of Lahay started in 1996 as a contract sewing service, manufacturing orders for local designers. These designers provided us with fabric & patterns & we sewed their ranges for them on a regular basis.
Around 2007, our customers started looking offshore to have their garments made. ( I must insert here, that I do not object at all to Australians having their products manufactured overseas. In fact, many products must be made offshore. My objection is the automatic presumption that Australia is too expensive for production, without even testing if this is, in fact, true).
Although I realised the effect this movement could have on my business, I was also very aware of the large Australian supply chain that would be harmed even more. From the pattern makers that were no longer needed to the Australian fabric manufacturers to the couriers that delivered these components, a hole was forming in the industry that I had loved being a part of.
As a reaction to this situation (well ok, it was more of a protest!), I decided to branch out to make my own range of clothing. Lahay's unique selling point would be that we were producing quality clothing, here in Australia, and that these garments wouldn't cost much more than overseas made garments purchased in shops but would last many more seasons.
Please have a look through our online store. You will be sure to find plenty of quality garments, in a huge range of sizes & many beautiful colours.
By supporting our business, you are supporting our Australian supply chain & our economy, one garment at a time.
Thanks for your support!