Finding Little Pockets of Time

Finding Little Pockets of Time

As life gets continually busier, it is becoming harder to find time to do the little things that are necessary in our businesses. There are many chores that are business related that weren’t even heard of 15 years ago. Social media & emails, as wonderful as they both are, require time. Time that takes us away from the real work we would love to be doing, the work that we started our businesses for. I’m fairly sure that I didn’t start my business for the emails & social media components!


Social media, emails & even blog posts can be fitted into little chunks of time. Many of these jobs only need five minutes a day. This five minutes could mean the difference of having a regular social media presence or not.


Here are a few little pockets of time I’ve found to sneak in a couple of these activities….


Bus stop/ school run- do you spend 5 minutes at the bus stop, waiting for your kids every afternoon? Try adding an Instagram post or answering emails in this time.

Hairdressers- you know that half hour while you waiting for the dye to set? Perfect for writing blog posts! After all, who really needs to read old magazines with stories of the Kardashians?!

Kids bath time- I can’t claim credit for this one. Every night, Abby Glassenberg sits on her bathroom floor while her daughter bathes and posts to her social media channels.

Weekends away- while I am a great advocate of the importance of relaxing, I have found that lots of blog posts come to the surface while I am relaxed, camping beside a river bank! Send the kids away with a responsible adult & settle in to a couple of blog posts (with a glass of wine. Oops, that could explain some of my posts!)

Doctors, dentists & any other appointments running late! - unfortunately/ fortunately, you’ll probably get quite a lot of chores done in this scenario!


While this post is to suggest some blocks of time you could find to slip in some of these chores, I also feel very strongly about being tuned into our kids, family & life in general. My husband & I have gone to dinner many times, to see young parents on their phones, ignoring their children.


The trick is to balance squeezing jobs into chunks of time without missing out on the life around you. Sometimes, you should just sit on that river bank. Sometimes you should write a blog post while sitting there. Sometimes, you should post to social media while your child is in the bath. Sometimes, you should just spend this time talking to your child about silly stuff. The trick is knowing which one is the right choice, at the time!


Well, my hair is almost done- got to go!

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