Step Away From Your Business- Even If It's Only For An Hour!

Step Away From Your Business- Even If It's Only For An Hour!

After trying to get away for a weekend for a couple of months now, my family finally got our schedules to connect & we made it happen this past weekend. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business for a while!

I am about to enter a couple of weeks of designing new styles of garments for my business & was coming up with the sewer’s equivalent of writer’s block. While I had some basic styles in my head, I could not solve the technical issues, such as how was I going to attach that particular collar onto that jacket, how long would my new skirt be etc. These were the problems that were plaguing me Friday afternoon, when I finished work (OK, plaguing may be a little dramatic, I’m not saving lives, but it was Friday afternoon & I was tired!).

It’s amazing what a drive in the car can do! As we left our local area, the problems of the week before seemed to fade. We had travelled this road many times before but there is always new things to find in the landscape. We left our sub-tropical climate & headed to Tenterfield, in the New England region. Autumn was starting to show its face & the trees were amazing in their colours.

After setting up camp, my husband & I went on a very long walk with our dog through all the beautiful parks & the paths that seemed to go on for ever. With the combination of hours of conversation on this walk & just changing my environment, the day to day running of my business was forgotten & the creative juices & therefore ideas started to flow. I now have so many new clothing designs in my head & on paper, I’m going to have to extend my couple of weeks of designing to a month!

Now I have to admit, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. There have been a couple of instances where we have had an opportunity to make a huge life and/or work decision. When we find we aren’t quite sure which direction to go with these awesome opportunities, we’ve packed up for the weekend & usually come home with an answer! There is something about getting away from the everyday distractions of the dishes or the basket of dirty laundry that allows you to calmly focus on what really needs you attention.


If you can’t afford to get away for a weekend (our trip cost us $37 per night & a tank of fuel), why not try one of these shorter stress relieving/ mind clearing solutions-


  1. Take yourself on a day trip. Visit something in your area that you wouldn’t usually take the time to see. Do you have an art gallery, museum or park you could spend a couple of hours in? You are sure to come out of this experience inspired, particularly if you finish up in a lovely café with a great coffee & cake!


  1. Book yourself a massage. Taking an hour to turn off from the world & connect to your inner self is never a bad thing. You’ll leave calmer & probably in tune with some of those amazing ideas that are bubbling just below the surface.


  1. Read a good book. I don’t know about you, but I find it impossible to think when I’m reading a book- I have to turn off. My mind can still wander while watching television but reading demands your attention. It’s also a good excuse to learn something useful for your business. Combine this step with step 1 & spend the morning at your local library (still finish with coffee, though!).


  1. Go for a walk. We all know the science around this & I’ve found it to be true, every single time! This can be a walk around the block, to shake off some of the day’s issues or a lovely, long bush walk for a couple of hours. Take a pen & paper with you if you are designing or record ideas for blog posts etc. on your phone. You are bound to be flooded with inspiration when you remove yourself from your usual surrounds & place yourself in nature.


I hope this post gives you some ideas to try & turn off from the everyday humdrum & find solutions to decisions that need to be made or to provide you with awesome inspiration to expand your business in new & exciting ways. I’d love you to tell me in the comments about the ways you find your creativity.  


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